Nairobi Shopping Malls

Nairobi Shopping Malls

Sarit Centre

Lower Kabete Road, Westlands

3 km (1.5 mi) from Amani Gardens

Uchumi Supermarket, Cinema,  Textbook Centre, Forex, Barclays, ATM’s, LG, Sony, Safaricom, Bata, Levi’s, ToyWorld, Monty’s Imported American Foods, Healthy U Healthfoods, Java House, Food Court



Ngong Road, Lavington

7 km (4 mi) from Amani Gardens

Nakumatt Superstore, Cinema,  Textbook Centre, Forex, ATM’s, Standard Charter, Kitengala Glass, Apple Reseller, Sony, Bonk T-shirts, Safaricom, Mr. Price, Woolworth, Frozen Yoghurt, Subway, KFC, Art Caffe, Java House, Mediteraneo & many specialty stores


Village Market

Limuru Road, Gigiri

11 km (7 mi) from Amani Gardens

Nakumatt Superstore, Cinema,  Textbook Centre, Forex, ATM’s, Standard Charter, Safaricom, Mr. Price, Woolworth, many specialty stores, Frozen Yoghurt, many restaurants and a food court


ABC Place

Waiyaki Way, Westlands

1.5 km (1 mi) from Amani Gardens

Chandarana Supermarket, Zucchini Green Grocer, Guilani’s Butcher and American Imports, Java House, ATM’s


This is the closest and easiest to get to mall near Amani Gardens. It’s not very big.


Yaya Centre

Argwings Kodhek Rd, Kilimani

7 km (4 mi) from Amani Gardens

Chandarana Supermarket, Zuchini Green Grocer, A great book store, Java House, ATM’s



Langata Rd, Karen

15 km (9 mi) from Amani Gardens

Nakumatt Superstore, many specialty shops, food court, Java House, ATM’s


This is near Nairobi National Park, Giraffe Center and the Elephant Orphanage

Nairobi Airports

Nairobi Airports

JKIA is the main international airport located 37 km (23 mi) southeast of Amani Gardens off Mombasa Road. It’s named after Jomo Kenyatta, Kenya's first president and prime minister.


The time it takes to get to JKIA varies depending on the time of day.


Flight Leaving                 Leave Amani Gardens at

11:55 pm         8:00 pm

10:35 pm        7:00 pm

  5:30 am        3:00 am



*Please consult your taxi driver ahead of time to find out about the traffic situation to the airport. During rush hour times it’s possible it could take you 3 hours or more.


+254 (0)20 822111


Wilson Airport is a regional airport serving mostly local tourist and humanitarian flights. It’s located 10 km (6 mi) south of Amani Gardens off Langata Road. Many flights to safari destinations take off from here.


The airport was established in 1933 and was used by Imperial Airways Empire air mail services from the United Kingdom via Egypt and continuing in stages to South Africa.

+254 (0)20 603260

Mount Longonot

Mount Longonot

Mount Longonot is a volcano located in the Great Rift Valley 67 km (41 mi) northeast of Nairobi. It is thought to have last erupted in the 1860s.


You can hike to the top (3.1 km (1.9 mi)) and walk around the rim (7.2 km (4.5 mi)). It normally takes 4-6 hours depending on your rest breaks. It’s possible to do this with small children (4 years and up is best, unless you can easily carry them). There are two moderately steep places on the path that you will encounter.


It’s possible to see buffalo, zebra, giraffe. Occasionally leopards have been seen.


Nairobi Health Care

Nairobi Health Care

Hospitals in Nairobi, Emergency Care


Medanta AfriCare Waiyaki Way, Westlands 

    +254 (0)703 133 985

  • Emergency Room
  • Good facilities
  • Medanta is the closest hospital to Amani Gardens. It’s a 5 minute walk. From our gate take a right and go to the corner of Waiyaki Way and Church Road. It’s on the corner. Enter from Waiyaki Way.

Aga Khan (Parklands) 020 - 3662000

  • Emergency Room
  • Good facilities

Nairobi Hospital (Valley Rd) 

   020 2722160, 020 2714400, 020 2714409

  • Emergency Room
  • Good facilities

Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital (Muthaiga) 

    020 3763474-7, 020 3760130-7, 020 3764097

  • Children’s hospital
  • Lavington branch
  • Very good care for children

MP Shah (Parklands Rd) 020 - 3742763-7

  • Doctor’s plaza, Lab, radiology services
  • Same day procedures
  • Limited in-patient procedures

Crescent Island & Lake Naivasha

Crescent Island & Lake Naivasha

Crescent Island in Lake Naivasha is 93 km (58 mi) northeast of Nairobi. It is a walkable island where you can walk among giraffe, zebra, hippos, antelope, wildebeest, and many birds such as goliath heron, spoonbills and giant kingfishers. It takes you a couple hours to walk around the park. These animals were brought her to film Out of Africa and were left here to thrive. There are no predators on the island.


You can take a boat to get to the island from the Country Club, Hippo Safaris, Sopa or Simba Lodge, Fisherman’s Camp or Elsamere.


Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park is located 114 km (70 mi) Northwest of Nairobi. It has beautiful landscapes and a gorge that you hike through. It’s possible to rent a bicycle for 600/= for the day and ride to the gorge. There is some animal life there including giraffe, zebra, monkeys, warthog, cheetah and many nesting vultures.


There is also rock climbing that you have to arrange with an outside guide.


The landscapes were modeled in The Lion King. Born Free and Lara Croft Tomb Raider were also filmed here.

Elephant Orphanage

Elephant Orphanage

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is located 21 km (13 mi) south of Amani Gardens. It is known for it’s preservation of endangered species such as elephants and rhinos. It has a not-to-miss elephant orphanage. It is a good place for children.


Visiting hours are daily from 11am-12 pm. Visitors line up around a rope and watch the baby elephants drink milk, play with their keepers and in the mud. You will probably get to pet a few of them as well.